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Compilation: 130107 Super Junior M in Beijing #BREAKDOWN

Ryeowook: 10:30….late by 40 minutes…I’m very sorry
Ryeowook: The people that danced a while ago…they are the ones that don’t have good skill
Zhou Mi: In 2 years we spend a lot of time, putting together is album all sound very good. Hope everyone will like Break Down
Donghae’s nickname is pabo/naive/clueless Henry: It’s natural
MC: Is your leg ok? Hyuk: Only pulled leg. I’m a smart person MC: thank you for dancing Hyuk: I like dancing


Wook’s role in group: “dancing” “cooking” MC: Do you cook while you dance? Wook: *demonstrate*
Donghae: Next time we will release a video of Ryeowook dancing while cooking with ELF
Siwon: My role in the group is all the Weibo promotions
Kyuhyun’s role in the group is being a bit weird xD Siwon: It’s too be…

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