130603 Sungmin’s Flight from Korea to Japan [Fan Account] “Sungmin was kind of limping, but he’s in a good mood”

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130603 Sungmin’s Accident! [4P] T_______T

Min was kind of limping, but he’s in a good mood, said goodbye to everyone before going in. He wanted to change his money into japanese yen, so he went to an ATM machine next to the money exchange shop and took out some money first, then he realized that exchange shop accepted card transactions, so he held on to his head and felt super embarrassed/stupid.

Credit: isungmincc

Sungmin has already boarded the flight to Tokyo, seems to be in a good mood. The staff of asiana airlines knew of his injury, so they helped him with the tickets and stuff beforehand, so Min kept complimenting asiana airlines’ services. Min told the fans he’s fine, told them not to worry.

Credit: LIV单恋晟敏

^^ All translations by: 魔娜。 ‏@xavier_x007x 
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